The Poet Sky


I step into the sunlight Finally free of the clouds I'm no longer suffering I can take a breath of fresh air Now, I can look up at the sky And know that I share her beauty I shed the skin of a man so I can shine with the heart of a woman

#Poetry #Spring #Trans #Hope


When I look at a flower I see past her petals I see a seed that grew from nothing beat the harsh indifference of nature grew into a beautiful array of color

She gives others hope She's a token of love and loss Of new beginnings One of many performers in the great symphony of nature

That's what I see That's how my mind works Seeing a piece of the world that only I will ever see

I'm like that flower Blooming with my unique colors Daring to be different And that is a wonderful thing

That is what I see when I look at me

#Poetry #SelfLove #MyBeautifulSky


The wonderful thing about Sky She's a wonderful, wonderful thing Her heart's made of stardust Her soul's made of spring She's a kind and loving, warm and caring beautiful magical girl! But the most wonderful thing about Sky is she's the only one in the world!

#Poetry #SelfLove


One of the many tools I have available to me is the breath in my body

With a deep breath I can return to center Calm my mind Restore my energy

I know No matter how scared or angry or stressed out I happen to be

I can take a breath Hold it Let it out Hold it

Return to center Return to stability

And everything will be okay

#Poetry #Life #Calm #MyBeautifulSky


This family taught me how to love with my whole heart without exception or condition without ending or faltering

This family taught me how to accept those who are the same those who are different those who I can't even understand

This family has always been here for me no matter the circumstances no matter my mistakes or faults no matter how I change and grow

This family will be a part of me forever until the end of my life until the end of time until everything fades away

I love This Family I accept This Family I will be there for This Family I will be a part of This Family


#Poetry #Family #Love


Why must they hate us? We only want to be ourselves To exist honestly To show who we are We choose our names We tell people what to call us Yet they refuse They insist that they know better But they don't How can anyone know us better than ourselves? Why must we be afraid To introduce ourselves To wear the clothes we want To have the bodies that make us comfortable That's all we want To exist To be who we are Why is that so much? Why?

#Poetry #Trans #MyBeautifulSky


It's okay to simply exist no matter what anyone else insists. I am valid, I am fine It's my time to spend, mine So I'll spend it resting if I choose After all, I've got nothing to lose by ignoring the grind outside And right now, I'd rather be resting inside I'll take my time until I'm ready to say “Okay. Now it's time to take on the day.”

#Poetry #Life #SelfCare


I sculpted this mask Carved and decorated it Slaved over every detail Then I wore it around other people And they all loved me


You never knew me as he yet you take one look and judge me My hair too short, my chest too small you see one detail instead of them all And if you looked a little higher you'd see the pin that says “she/her” But you don't see me, you see a boy As though trying to strip away my joy For you see, I shed my strife And learned how to love life This is what you'd see If instead of judging, you got to know me

#Poetry #Trans


I will listen to all of your problems offer support the best I can but you must understand that there will be a point at which I reach my limits and I must take care of myself