The Poet Sky

Poetry for people who could use a little kindness

I walk through life taking careful steps because I always do my best to be kind

I don't expect it from others but I still watch out for it because I can always do more to be kind

When I experience kindness especially a brand new sort I remember that new way to be kind

Because I know that random bits of kindness can brighten anyone's day so I'll keep learning and do my very best to be kind

#Poetry #Kindness #Life


It has taken years and years and years To see myself As more than my mistakes To love myself Despite the times I didn't think I didn't know I didn't understand

If that is all YOU see If you cannot accept That I am NOT perfect Then all YOU are doing is holding ME back

and I deserve so much better

#Poetry #MyBeautifulSky #NoToxicity #SelfCare


They can make you laugh They can make you cry But you never know which one They're going to do next

Maybe you'll be happy Smiling and laughing together The world full of bright color

Maybe you'll be sad Heartbroken and numb The world cold and empty

You don't know which one There's no way to know what happens next You just have to jump And hope for the best

I guess that's why they call it “Falling in love”

#Poetry #Love #Romantic


I've held on to so much for so long

So much pain So much regret So much resentment

I never knew how to let go But it's time That I start learning

Deep breaths Open my hands Let go

It's finally time To let it all go

#Poetry #MyBeautifulSky #SelfCare #MovingOn


I'm afraid of the storm clouds The chaos The darkness The uncertainty

But for the sake of the sun Her light Her love Her hope

I won't let that fear Stop me

#Poetry #Hope #Fear #Nature


Today my mind is for ME

Not the world's problems Not my friends' problems Not my loved ones' problems ME

They are all so important But if I worry about them I'll be consumed By tending those flowers I'll forget all about my own

It's not that I don't care It's that I DO care too much

So today my mind is for me I'll take my time Focus on being me And taking care of me And loving ME

#Poetry #MyBeautifulSky #CareTooMuch #SelfCare


UPDATE: There was a miscommunication between me and Muck Duck's owner. Queer Voices isn't an open mic. Same time, same place, but just me and two other performers. The event page, including tickets, is here.

On June 6th, from 6-9pm EST, I will be hosting Muck Duck's Queer Voices Open Mic!

The event will allow members of the queer community to get up and share stories, thoughts, jokes, songs, poems, anything they want. Many of us have been pushed down or silenced, so this is us doing our part to help raise up those voices.

Allies are welcome to attend, but not to speak. Please leave that to those of us that have been unable to have a platform. But you can help by spreading the word and coming by to hear from your queer friends. Maybe you'll learn a thing or two. And check out more of Muck Duck's events at their website.

Hope to see you there, friend!



Rose is gonna be a bit late this month. It's been a very busy month for me, but she will return in the next few days with a brand new art style.

Until then, enjoy some pictures of her in her new art style.

Rose the Rainbow Mouse waving a rainbow pride flag. (This one will almost certainly be turned into a sticker that you can buy on my Ko-Fi page )

Rose the Rainbow Mouse and her teacher, a taller brown mouse.  Her teacher is hugging her as Rose cries.  Below are the words "It hurts when they laugh and push you away.  It hurts when they don't listen to what you have to say.  I was different, just like you.  But there's nothing wrong with me, or with you.

See you soon, friend!



I step into the sunlight Finally free of the clouds I'm no longer suffering I can take a breath of fresh air Now, I can look up at the sky And know that I share her beauty I shed the skin of a man so I can shine with the heart of a woman

#Poetry #Spring #Trans #Hope


When I look at a flower I see past her petals I see a seed that grew from nothing beat the harsh indifference of nature grew into a beautiful array of color

She gives others hope She's a token of love and loss Of new beginnings One of many performers in the great symphony of nature

That's what I see That's how my mind works Seeing a piece of the world that only I will ever see

I'm like that flower Blooming with my unique colors Daring to be different And that is a wonderful thing

That is what I see when I look at me

#Poetry #SelfLove #MyBeautifulSky


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