The Poet Sky

Poetry for people who could use a little kindness

I know what you did I know why you did it I've heard your side I've listened to what you felt And I understand

That doesn't mean it didn't hurt I'm okay with it it was right

It will take time to accept to heal to forgive

Now it's your turn to listen to know to understand

This is what's best for me

#Poetry #MyBeautifulSky #NoToxicity #Healing #SettingBoundaries


Free compliments! Right here, just go ahead and take one No need to be shy, they're completely free

You're pretty You're smart You're handsome You're doing a great job

See, it's easy to compliment someone Find something you like about them Even if it's something small, there's something there We all need more compliments

You see, there are so many people out there that don't know how to take a compliment because they've never been given one or they received the same ones over and over again and don't believe there's anything more to them

So please, take a compliment Let it build you up and when you're finished with it Be sure to pass it on

#Poetry #Love #Kindness


My wants are important They deserve to be heard

My needs are important They deserve to be met

My boundaries are important They deserve to be respected

My feelings are important They deserve to be understood

I am important I deserve to be loved

#Poetry #MyBeautifulSky #SelfLove


For such a long time I'd go somewhere I didn't feel comfortable for the sake of others

For such a long time I'd stay when I was tired Pushing myself to be happy for the sake of others

For such a long time I'd burn myself out Never getting what I wanted for the sake of others

Now I listen to and take care of myself I recognized my own limits and say no for the sake of me

#Poetry #SelfLove #Boundaries #SelfCare


How to listen How to support How to accept How to understand How to heal How to learn How to love

What I learned from my family

Who has listened Who has supported Who has accepted Who has understood Who has healed Who has learned Who has loved

For you I will always Be thankful

#Poetry #MyBeautifulSky #Family #Love


A small clearing protected by trees sunlight filtering in warm and safe

A creek trickles through birds chirp overhead the wind rustles the leaves peaceful and quiet

Maybe this place exists hidden away by nature giving shelter to those that need it

A place like this exists in my head I go there when I need a break from life

I know I can always find warmth and safety peace and quiet safety and shelter

In my safe space

#Poetry #Nature #Imagination #Peace


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You can tell me that who and what I am is wrong but I won't let it get to me

You can ignore my feelings while rambling on without end but I will still try to listen

You can refuse to consider what I or anyone else wants but I will still ask what you want

No matter how you yell No matter how you argue No matter how you hurt me

I will remember

You're learning You're growing You've got a good heart You will always be my baby boy

And I will never stop loving you

#Poetry #MyBeautifulSky #Family #Love #Parenting


How long have I lived for others? How long have I tried to fit in?

I push down my wants and needs I ignore my own feelings I put on a mask so everyone else will accept me

How far back does it go? How long have I been afraid?

I had questions I never asked Feelings I never expressed Options I never explored all so I wouldn't be laughed at

I don't know how long I may never know But I accept myself now So I'm finished pretending

It's time to be me

#Poetry #BeYourself #Trans #SelfLove


Sometimes Life hits HARD too fast to react too strong to take too much to bear and I have to stop and rest When I do I realize I wasn't ready Life was worse than I thought it'd be

It's so easy to become jaded to assume Life will always be this bad

Sometimes Life surprises me it's soft and calming, gentle and kind, warm and loving Life is looking out for me I realize Life was better than I thought it'd be

It's so hard to take Life one day at a time But I still have those moments of kindness to remind me

That Life isn't always as bad As I thought it'd be

#Poetry #MyBeautifulSky #Life #Hope


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