The Poet Sky


Sometimes Life hits HARD too fast to react too strong to take too much to bear and I have to stop and rest When I do I realize I wasn't ready Life was worse than I thought it'd be

It's so easy to become jaded to assume Life will always be this bad

Sometimes Life surprises me it's soft and calming, gentle and kind, warm and loving Life is looking out for me I realize Life was better than I thought it'd be

It's so hard to take Life one day at a time But I still have those moments of kindness to remind me

That Life isn't always as bad As I thought it'd be

#Poetry #MyBeautifulSky #Life #Hope


It's a sunny day a lovely stroll shiny people a good sleep

Days like this make the world bright the air fresh the sun warm

It won't last forever and tomorrow might be dreary so I'll enjoy today as best I can

I'll breathe the air I'll feel the sun I'll store up the light And I'll enjoy

every moment

#Poetry #Life #Nature #Joy


When life is too much When it hits too hard It helps to know That I can stop and listen to the sounds of life

Close my eyes Take deep breaths


Birds Piano Guitar Drums Laughter Song Happiness Rain Love

Life goes on All around me And I know I can listen And remember that I'm not alone

#Poetry #MyBeautifulSky #Life #Nature


I walk through life taking careful steps because I always do my best to be kind

I don't expect it from others but I still watch out for it because I can always do more to be kind

When I experience kindness especially a brand new sort I remember that new way to be kind

Because I know that random bits of kindness can brighten anyone's day so I'll keep learning and do my very best to be kind

#Poetry #Kindness #Life


One of the many tools I have available to me is the breath in my body

With a deep breath I can return to center Calm my mind Restore my energy

I know No matter how scared or angry or stressed out I happen to be

I can take a breath Hold it Let it out Hold it

Return to center Return to stability

And everything will be okay

#Poetry #Life #Calm #MyBeautifulSky


It's okay to simply exist no matter what anyone else insists. I am valid, I am fine It's my time to spend, mine So I'll spend it resting if I choose After all, I've got nothing to lose by ignoring the grind outside And right now, I'd rather be resting inside I'll take my time until I'm ready to say “Okay. Now it's time to take on the day.”

#Poetry #Life #SelfCare


I'm not alone Not at all There are so MANY people Friends Loved ones Who are there for me if I need them I only need to ask


Life became a mess With so little warning Tearing me away from the safety I thought I knew

What now?


Through all of life’s hardships through loss, pain, and heartbreak Do your best to be your best even when your heart and soul ache


What creatures exist here in this world so small I lie down in the grass to exist among them