The Poet Sky


I know what you did I know why you did it I've heard your side I've listened to what you felt And I understand

That doesn't mean it didn't hurt I'm okay with it it was right

It will take time to accept to heal to forgive

Now it's your turn to listen to know to understand

This is what's best for me

#Poetry #MyBeautifulSky #NoToxicity #Healing #SettingBoundaries


My wants are important They deserve to be heard

My needs are important They deserve to be met

My boundaries are important They deserve to be respected

My feelings are important They deserve to be understood

I am important I deserve to be loved

#Poetry #MyBeautifulSky #SelfLove


How to listen How to support How to accept How to understand How to heal How to learn How to love

What I learned from my family

Who has listened Who has supported Who has accepted Who has understood Who has healed Who has learned Who has loved

For you I will always Be thankful

#Poetry #MyBeautifulSky #Family #Love


You can tell me that who and what I am is wrong but I won't let it get to me

You can ignore my feelings while rambling on without end but I will still try to listen

You can refuse to consider what I or anyone else wants but I will still ask what you want

No matter how you yell No matter how you argue No matter how you hurt me

I will remember

You're learning You're growing You've got a good heart You will always be my baby boy

And I will never stop loving you

#Poetry #MyBeautifulSky #Family #Love #Parenting


Sometimes Life hits HARD too fast to react too strong to take too much to bear and I have to stop and rest When I do I realize I wasn't ready Life was worse than I thought it'd be

It's so easy to become jaded to assume Life will always be this bad

Sometimes Life surprises me it's soft and calming, gentle and kind, warm and loving Life is looking out for me I realize Life was better than I thought it'd be

It's so hard to take Life one day at a time But I still have those moments of kindness to remind me

That Life isn't always as bad As I thought it'd be

#Poetry #MyBeautifulSky #Life #Hope


When life is too much When it hits too hard It helps to know That I can stop and listen to the sounds of life

Close my eyes Take deep breaths


Birds Piano Guitar Drums Laughter Song Happiness Rain Love

Life goes on All around me And I know I can listen And remember that I'm not alone

#Poetry #MyBeautifulSky #Life #Nature


It has taken years and years and years To see myself As more than my mistakes To love myself Despite the times I didn't think I didn't know I didn't understand

If that is all YOU see If you cannot accept That I am NOT perfect Then all YOU are doing is holding ME back

and I deserve so much better

#Poetry #MyBeautifulSky #NoToxicity #SelfCare


I've held on to so much for so long

So much pain So much regret So much resentment

I never knew how to let go But it's time That I start learning

Deep breaths Open my hands Let go

It's finally time To let it all go

#Poetry #MyBeautifulSky #SelfCare #MovingOn


Today my mind is for ME

Not the world's problems Not my friends' problems Not my loved ones' problems ME

They are all so important But if I worry about them I'll be consumed By tending those flowers I'll forget all about my own

It's not that I don't care It's that I DO care too much

So today my mind is for me I'll take my time Focus on being me And taking care of me And loving ME

#Poetry #MyBeautifulSky #CareTooMuch #SelfCare


When I look at a flower I see past her petals I see a seed that grew from nothing beat the harsh indifference of nature grew into a beautiful array of color

She gives others hope She's a token of love and loss Of new beginnings One of many performers in the great symphony of nature

That's what I see That's how my mind works Seeing a piece of the world that only I will ever see

I'm like that flower Blooming with my unique colors Daring to be different And that is a wonderful thing

That is what I see when I look at me

#Poetry #SelfLove #MyBeautifulSky