The Poet Sky


My wants are important They deserve to be heard

My needs are important They deserve to be met

My boundaries are important They deserve to be respected

My feelings are important They deserve to be understood

I am important I deserve to be loved

#Poetry #MyBeautifulSky #SelfLove


For such a long time I'd go somewhere I didn't feel comfortable for the sake of others

For such a long time I'd stay when I was tired Pushing myself to be happy for the sake of others

For such a long time I'd burn myself out Never getting what I wanted for the sake of others

Now I listen to and take care of myself I recognized my own limits and say no for the sake of me

#Poetry #SelfLove #Boundaries #SelfCare


How long have I lived for others? How long have I tried to fit in?

I push down my wants and needs I ignore my own feelings I put on a mask so everyone else will accept me

How far back does it go? How long have I been afraid?

I had questions I never asked Feelings I never expressed Options I never explored all so I wouldn't be laughed at

I don't know how long I may never know But I accept myself now So I'm finished pretending

It's time to be me

#Poetry #BeYourself #Trans #SelfLove


When I look at a flower I see past her petals I see a seed that grew from nothing beat the harsh indifference of nature grew into a beautiful array of color

She gives others hope She's a token of love and loss Of new beginnings One of many performers in the great symphony of nature

That's what I see That's how my mind works Seeing a piece of the world that only I will ever see

I'm like that flower Blooming with my unique colors Daring to be different And that is a wonderful thing

That is what I see when I look at me

#Poetry #SelfLove #MyBeautifulSky


The wonderful thing about Sky She's a wonderful, wonderful thing Her heart's made of stardust Her soul's made of spring She's a kind and loving, warm and caring beautiful magical girl! But the most wonderful thing about Sky is she's the only one in the world!

#Poetry #SelfLove


I sculpted this mask Carved and decorated it Slaved over every detail Then I wore it around other people And they all loved me


I will listen to all of your problems offer support the best I can but you must understand that there will be a point at which I reach my limits and I must take care of myself


I care too much

Obsessed with the idea that everyone should be happy I toss my own feelings aside


For so long I fell into step Like a soldier Marching to a drum


I am here I am visible I will be seen Speaking out is scary can get me hurt ostracized abandoned But this is who I am and I will be me I will not be silent No matter how loud I have to be I will let the world know that I EXIST

#Poetry #NoToxicity #BeYourself #SelfLove #MyBeautifulSky