The Poet Sky


You can tell me that who and what I am is wrong but I won't let it get to me

You can ignore my feelings while rambling on without end but I will still try to listen

You can refuse to consider what I or anyone else wants but I will still ask what you want

No matter how you yell No matter how you argue No matter how you hurt me

I will remember

You're learning You're growing You've got a good heart You will always be my baby boy

And I will never stop loving you

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You can fly o'er the mountains, fly o'er the sea Little baby bird, won't you fly home to me You can see all the flowers, you can see all the bees Little baby bird, just come back home to me


From the moment I held you I loved you with all my heart I promised that I'd do my best Even though I was so lost


When I started on this journey it was tough and it was scary Venturing into the unknown Suddenly left stranded and alone But we trudged on together We made mistakes, we learned to be better No matter what happens or what you do I’m still so proud of you


Dear Isaac,

There’s so much I love about you That I couldn’t imagine life without you The time we’ve spent together Is something I’ll cherish forever


  • Adult (n): fully grown or mature person
  • Child (n): a young person who may improve or worsen
  • Dog (n): a domestic animal related to wolves and foxes
  • House (n): the place where one lives; may be out of cards or boxes
  • Learn (vb): To acquire skill, knowledge, or mastery in
  • Stability (n): the ability to withstand stress or change without distortion
  • Teach (vb): to impart knowledge and wisdom on others and help them find their bearing
  • Watch (n): The act of guarding, observing, or caring
  • Yoke (n): Thing that binds or unites without waver
  • Zany (n): a performer who entertains with ridiculous behavior

When I was waiting and you were on your way It was impossible to imagine my life with you


You scrub and you scrub Hunting for any spots you missed After a time, you're satisfied That you got them all


I know it's hard when I go away It'd be easier if I could always stay But here's a promise to you I'll always come back for you