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UPDATE: There was a miscommunication between me and Muck Duck's owner. Queer Voices isn't an open mic. Same time, same place, but just me and two other performers. The event page, including tickets, is here.

On June 6th, from 6-9pm EST, I will be hosting Muck Duck's Queer Voices Open Mic!

The event will allow members of the queer community to get up and share stories, thoughts, jokes, songs, poems, anything they want. Many of us have been pushed down or silenced, so this is us doing our part to help raise up those voices.

Allies are welcome to attend, but not to speak. Please leave that to those of us that have been unable to have a platform. But you can help by spreading the word and coming by to hear from your queer friends. Maybe you'll learn a thing or two. And check out more of Muck Duck's events at their website.

Hope to see you there, friend!



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